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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

email from Manesse

Thirteen weeks from the quake...
Eleven weeks since landing in the states...
Ten weeks from Gaeten`s birth...
Their journey returns to Haiti.
Nadia and Gaeten returned to Haiti yesterday with the Friends of Haiti Green Bay.

I just received this text and email from Manesse.

Dr Carol and Tom I was so happy to see my family that i forget to text you and inform you their arrival. My wife is ok and little Tom is waked up with his first hot sun. Know you`ll be always in heart and prayers. Manesse

Dear Dr Carol and Dr Tom,

I have taken time to find good words to tell you how much my family and I are grateful and choice this moment to thank you. By your generosity and your humanism, you sheltered, fed and take care of my family as if it was yours and above all you accepted with joy and pleasure to be the godmother and godfather of our last born: Gaetan Thomas. By these actions you proved towards us an exceptional
soul size. I believe that there are not a lot of people as you in the world. Your name and kindliness will remain engraved for ever in our hearts. And know only God will be able to reward you as you merit it. I am sure that this reward you will receive it fivefold. Believe it! These are my wishes for you.

During our life God placed you on my family's path, my wife has may be give you a smile that you returned it to her and since, you became friends. And only God knows why. Without this meeting what would occur my family.

By the way, you and your husband are very very special persons for my family.

Please, take good care of yourself, your family. Me too, I take care of mine: my wife that I love like a queen, my boys I cherish more and more, particularly my little Tom.

I wait impatiently for the opportune day to meet you. Say hi to others.

Best Regards.


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