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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Text Conversation Between Carol and Tom Today

Carol via text message at 7 p.m., detailing text conversations today between she and Tom:

Tom: Things are looking grim for our mission. We're stuck on the border - there are changes in the law and need for paperwork. Still waiting. Call me now, please.

Carol: Ruth got a room for you at the Plaza Hotel tonight.

Tom: That's great. We are still not across - going to make a run for it at the border without proper paperwork. Say a prayer.

Carol: Are you across?

Tom: No, but we hope to be within the hour. Rattle your beads.

Carol: Hail Mary.

Tom: Call our driver tell him to return to car - do it now. Leslie here.

Tom: Still in between DR and Haiti. Still hope to cross after dark. Leslie went away - he did not see us but saw Cedric and Widza - Leslie went in to Haiti.

Carol: Did the trucks cross?

Tom: No, we are still waiting but we have not been thrown out yet. Do not stress Dale with details - I'm teaching Dorothy to breathe - I just bribed another person $160.

Tom: No luck - gotta go to Port au Prince to get the right paperwork. I'm going to rest at the Plaza Hotel.

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