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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teaching Aids for the Dental School in Haiti

These pictures are of my two assistants, Debbie Streeter and Karen Cashen who were responsible for helping to gather the teaching aids and many other items requested by the dental school in Haiti. The shipment included an emergency kit, models and manikins for practicing dentistry, root canal practice blocks and a host of other teaching tools .

Other victories this month included:

- The installation of 20 dental chairs at the school that were donated by NYU.
-A "memorandum of agreement" is in the process of being signed between the University of Maryland Dental School and the Haitian Dental School. This document, once signed, will allow for important exchanges between the two schools.
- Friends of Haiti will be bringing dental students on their mission to the mountains around Grand Boulage, Haiti.
-Tom attended the ADA Symposium on Overseas Volunteers and made all kinds of head way on many fronts.
- Karen Cashen and I toured the old dental school next to the new school and discovered a treasure trove of items that if moved to Haiti, would prove invaluable.
... and a host of other good things including the possibility of doing a documentary to help raise funds for the ADA Adopt-a-Dentist program.


  1. Sounds good. I appreciate the work that you have been doing for Haiti. Haiti is a poor country and we all the people through out this world should have to give our hand to help them from different ways. Thanks mate :)

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