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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It was hard to say good bye to Austin today as he heads back to Middlebury, Vt with the snow still making travel challenging. As a mother, feeling the sadness creep in because of the distance between me and my son, I can only imagine the pain Nadia suffers being separated from Jonathon in an unstable Haiti with an uncertain time to reunite.

Tom and I are trying to find a way to work the visa paper work one more time, this time for Jonathan. Manasse, who forgot that his birthday was yesterday, says the school in which he worked is being rebuilt and plans on opening early next month. But what will he do with Jonathon when he restarts work? What will happen when the rains come and they are still lining in a bug tent? How can we send a newborn to that inhumane environment and expect him to survive? If 3 y/o Jonathan could be here with his mother and brother everyone would be safer and more productive. Time to rally all our immigration connections again.

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