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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Month Anniversary

On the month anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, Nadia and I remembered the world changing event in a prayer spread by the Haitian Diaspora around the world.

**May all Haitians around the globe pause for five minutes on February 12th between 4:50pm-4:55pm ,kneel & send their prayers up to Heaven. You can say the following prayer or one of your own.
"Almighty Father, pour out on us your mercy & compassion as we feel broken inside. We ask you for solace and comfort for those who lost their loved ones & their material belongings. Grant us the strength and courage to rebuild a Haiti where all Haitians will live and love each other as brothers & sisters regardless of their differences, we ask you in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen".

It seems more like one long continuous day since the quake. We have been living, breathing, dreaming Haiti 24/7 since Jan 12th.
It`s hard to get it out of my head for even a second. Everything in life pales in comparison (even 49 inches of snow) to this event that epitomizes the end result of chronic human injustice and perversely discrepant inequalities. How long will the world be able to focus on Haiti? One month, two years...they say it will be 10 years before PaP is rebuilt. Generations of Haitians will be affected. Will we have the strength to see our Haitian brothers and sister all the way through to a better life? Or will we turn away as soon as the novelty wears off? It is mind numbing to think of all the elements of reconstruction and rehabilitation that will be needed. But as individuals, we start small and built an entropy from the chaos around us; An energy that arises from intuition gained from our own personal experiences. It is this energy which will ultimately find an order of human healing to renew Haiti and ourselves. I pray we all find our own unique personal connection to our Haitian fellow man that will show us what we need to do on this Haitian oddessy.

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  1. I suppose in a much lesser degree than you who have Nadia and baby and the after emotions of the intense work in Jimani, I was thinking the same thing yesterday, What seems like eons is only a month.....but it is as nothing to be busy trying to help compared to what the people are enduring. But it is 24/7 and we can only hope that our efforts bring positive results. The outpouring of support through donations and words of encouragement has been just amazing.
    with love and caring,


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