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Friday, February 5, 2010

Nadia and baby had press conference today at GBMC. She thanked everyone at the hospital for helping her get here and deliver baby Gaetan safely and for treating her like a queen. The snow storm started shortly after the conference and is expected to continue through tomorrow evening. There is a sullenness with this snow as we get news of the pathology on the supposed fibroid; a desmoid tumor, and news from Jimini about a copter crash in the mountains with unsubstantiated loss of life. The patients in Jimini are coming through the surgeries well, but food for them is minimal. IMA is struggling to buy food with what they have. Monetary donations are slowing and are more desperately needed now for the people who have survived the earthquake; the "lucky" survivors now trying to survive the famine and disease that often follows an acute disaster.

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