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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Delivered & Friend/Translator is Safe in Dominican Republic

From Dr. Carol Ritter VIA SMS/TXT message: Nadia is safe with us and stoic. Came over with French journalists. Her husband and 3 year old are in Haiti without passports. Tears in her eyes about what's happening to her country. Waiting for immigration to open tomorrow. Making plans to deliver in DR if unable to get to US. The clinic is awash in trauma patients. Only 3 deaths input post op patients. WHO intel set up down the street . They see our organizational abilities relative to other facilities, and are sending more and more patients our way.

Oh - by the way, I did deliver a healthy baby girl yesterday in the middle of all the amputations. They named her Carol! Life is bittersweet .


  1. Carol & Tom,

    I thank our God. Please give Nadia my love and let her know that I will continue to pray for her, her family, and all of our brothers and sisters in her sacred homeland. I am embracing Nadia in my heart at this moment and pray for moments of peacefulness within her.

    Carol & Tom - You are the hands of Christ during this time of tremendous need.

    We are walking this journey with all . . . Jan

  2. Wonderful news. We rejoice with you and our joy moves to profound gratitude. Your presences are His presence and our presence is with you as you/we move to new life ---in many ways..... a very personal as well as communal and cosmic birthing process. We are proud to have the three of you (Nadia, Carol, Tom) together in receiving and creating the future....our future. God is with and for us and all... always. Love, Fr. Larry

  3. Soo happy to hear about Nadia. Shopping now in GBMC. List already compiled. Getting shipped to Medshare.

  4. Can u give me name of hospital in DR? Specifics

  5. Great to hear about Nadia and baby "Carol". Good Shepherd is collecting for you, they sent an e-blast out this morning and will be collecting for you in all 3 services next Sunday. I will give a short speech about your work and IMA during 2 services. Stay safe! Cynthia

  6. Carol and Tom we are so proud of the work you are doing!! You truly are Guardian Angels in total chaos and devastation. You both were born to serve and minister to those in need. We pray for you both every day that God keeps you safe and in his care. Keep strong in your faith and abilities as outstanding doctors with the wonderful and inspirational work that you are doing. With love and prayers Kim and Jason


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