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Saturday, January 23, 2010

BlackHawk Picks Up Burn Victim

From Dr. Carol Ritter: UNEDITED VIA SMS/TXT: Got back from my five hour cruise to Barharon Hospital, only to find the Internet had arrived to La Bonne Samaritan (that is the name of Marc's clinic before this all began). The upstairs area was filled with laptops gone wild. People intensely downloading pix and e-mailing like mad. And OMG!!! FB is here!!!

With this new Internet addition to the compound, expect a plethora of
photos, guys. I hope this means those C arms that are waiting in the
warehouse in the US will be arriving today, and that we can have that teleradiology that the new management promised yesterday.

To all of you working so diligently to get Nadia home ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These connections have actually lead us to the USS Comfort people, and our first US helicopter is expected to land at first light today to pick up one patient. That "lucky" patient has burns over most of his body. His story: He was at the gas station pumping gas when the quake hit. A fire ignited from the tank and set him alight. He dragged himself to a hospital where he sat outside with masses of quake victims for five days. He got to us three days ago now and is laying with bandages covering him like a mummy.

"Critical" does not seem like an appropriate level to describe his condition - that painfully acute level between life and death. He gets the first ride on our US BlackHawk.

No pix on this from me. I'm sure one of those upstairs laptops set one out, though.

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