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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Life In Haiti!

Dr. Carol Ritter Reports:  New Life!!!  Healthy baby and mom is doing well.


  1. I love when you look like that!!!!!
    Putting the word out about medshare....
    please stay safe and Thank you for going to med school and being in Haiti ") it's all here and now, life , that is.
    sending love,kisses and money.

  2. Is that Carey Cezar behind Carol? I had heard that the Cezars were going to be joining you shortly. Look forward to your posts. Best Wishes, take care & see you in April,
    Erica Norsetter

  3. Carol,

    Precious life - All life is sacred. I have a special request. My heart is deeply connected with Nadia. She has, and will continue to be, a critical bridge in Haiti on many of our initiatives to help our Haitian brothers and sisters. Nadia has translated not only words for us, she has provided us with insights into the life, culture, and struggles of the Haitian people. Through these insights, we are able to more clearly understand the complexities of life in Haiti. I care deeply about Nadia. My heart breaks for what she and others in Haiti are enduring. Would you please post a picture of her so that we can see her, as we embrace her from afar?

    Love to all who are walking this difficult journey . . . Jan

  4. Carol,
    I just knew you and your husband would be in Haiti doing what you do best and saving lives. My daughter, Megan, who you delivered in 1996, and I are keeping up with your blog, and you're in our thoughts every day. I'm glad to see your post today that shows the heartbreak balanced by a little bit of joy in the children you're helping into the world. You're a strong woman and an inspiration to us all. Stay safe!

    Carol F.

  5. Dr. Ritter,

    Words can't describe how genuinely happy you look! You are doing what you love best! :) How lucky the Haitians are to have you and the other Dr. Ritter there!

    Please be safe! Wishing you strength and lots of love!

    Linda and Chris Miller

  6. Hopefully there will be many more smiles as a result of your contribution! My heart goes out to all those sad faces! Thanks for all you are doing to help the people of Haiti. Many blessings!

  7. Dear Dr. Ritter. I am so proud that you are my doctor. You are an amazing woman and human being. Stay safe and do your thing!

  8. If this is baby Esther (Mom Collette) PLEASE contact tara or Troy Livesay


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