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Thursday, January 28, 2010

MedShare Financial Support From Our Yoga Friends

A letter to MedShare from our yoga friends. Thanks to all who participated in this event and were so generous.

Hello, Ms. Greene:

My name is Cheryl Catranbone and I am a yoga teacher in Maryland. Tom and Carol Ritter are dear friends as well as students of mine, and I have been hearing great things about you from them.

When the earthquake struck Haiti, I knew Tom and Carol would be making every attempt to offer as much help as possible to our brothers and sisters of Haiti. It was no surprise that they left immediately to offer support and their services. In appreciation to the Ritters for being such wonderful examples of what yoga truly means, I held a yoga event for Haiti with MedShare receiving the proceeds. I have sent you two online donations; one for $850 and another for $215. In addition, I am sending you checks to be added to my donation. The checks are coming by postal mail and the total for these checks is $1,705. I am including a copy of this e-mail with the checks so you know they come to you from the hard work and beautiful efforts of the Ritters. They are an inspiration to us all.

Thank you for your good works. It is an honor to help your organization.

Blessings of Peace,

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