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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks For All the Media Support

Thanks for all the media support: Baltimore Sun, 2nd Baltimore Sun Article, WBAL TV, WBAL RadioBaltimore Business Journal, Towson Times, Channel 13, Channel 2, WTOP, WJZ/ Associated Press, Fox45, Baltimore Examiner and GBMC's media group. You all have really helped spread the word. A press conference was just taped at the GBMC hospital at 8:00PM on Monday with the Ritters connected live in Haiti. Expect links to the above articles, media and audio clips to be linked as they become available. If you haven't made a donation yet, please consider


  1. Hi Carol and Tom,
    I just caught the Channel 2 11 p.m. news and heard your name, Carol! My doc is in Haiti, WOW. You and Tom are truly an inspiration and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to help those in need. Sending you positive mojo from MD! ~ Sara F.

  2. Glad to see you are safe and doing good work as always. Tom-I knew when I saw you Thursday you were itching to get there to help. That was a quick turnaround.Less than 12 hours later you were on your way. Please stay safe and healthy yourselves. You two are an amazing pair with such big hearts. I admire your drive to get involved on every level of the effort.Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey.- Xandy
    p.s.Tom- I'm letting the boys drink coke and eat candy while you're gone. Our family will be indirectly financing your good works as always.;)

  3. You two are stars! I saw you on Channel 11 and Channel 2 this morning. Keep up the good work!
    Cynthia F.

  4. Hi, Dr. Ritter. I heard about you on WBAL radio yesterday and Channel 2 this morning, and had to call everyone and brag about "My famous doctor". You are an inspiration and I am so glad to know you. My prayers are with you and your husband. Stay safe and I'll see you at my next check-up! Love, Kari and Dalton (Delivered 9 years ago, my how time flies!)

  5. Hi Dr. Ritter,

    Please be safe and good luck with the important work you and your wife are doing.
    Here's the link to the story that mentioned you
    on our station:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and those you care for on your journey. Take care and see you soon.
    Linda and Mike P. :)

  6. Thanks for the link. I added it to the main post.

  7. Carol, your photo on your blog is now part of a Channel 13 (WJZ-TV) promo for a special on Friday to raise money and your photo comes up as they say "Hope for Haiti"! Very appropriate. Cynthia F

  8. Dr. Ritter- I just read the article in the Towson Times about you and your husband in Haiti. I've shared it with all of my Facebook friends too. The people of Haiti are lucky to have you and your husband there to help. I am glad you had the chance to deliver a baby too. Stay safe and my prayers are with you and your husband.

    Jill J.


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