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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr. Carol Ritter - Tuesday Fox 45 Interview

Dr. Carol Ritter just finished an interview with Fox45 News. She and her husband, Dr. Tom Ritter, are both safe after the most recent earthquake. They are working in an area which is about a 2 hour drive from the epicenter. Shock was limited or non-existent in their current location.

When Fox45 posts the video we will link it in to the blog.


  1. Bravo Docteur Ritter for your time and dedication . My thoughts are with you and your husband.
    I just made a donation to IMA.
    Anne Fleck (your patient)

  2. Tom and Carol I am praying for safety and success for you! You all are definitely living examples of "Paying it forward".

    Kathie Turner-Jones
    Forest Hill

  3. need to contact robert wray as soon as possible. Tom called me from Atlanta airport on the way down and I missed his last call from MIA I think. Need some info about GBMC contacts and -- most importantly -- what shots are needed for an OB/gyn I 'd like to send down to him.... need to know how to get him to Tom & Carole. Moroever, I ned to know what supplies he needs and where to send them... as I am one of the coordinators for the Rotarian Civilian-Military Liaison with SOUTHCOM so I have direct access to the military guys running this operation. s/Rob Ketron by phone after NOON Thursday 410.464.2788 land 410.952.8933 cell Thanx
    Rob Ketron Past District Governor Rotary International District 7620


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