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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Every Day Is An Adventure for Nadia!

Every day is a new adventure for our Haitian friend, Nadia in the USA. The snow comes today as if to tell us it`s time to slow way down. We are going to have a baby soon!!! The c/section is scheduled for 9AM Tuesday. Every one has been made aware of the situation. The sonogram has been confirmed, the amnio has been arranged, the blood has been drawn and docs will be on standby for any situation that may arise. Luckily we live only a mile from GBMC hospital.

It`s hard to believe that just a short seven days ago we were invited to the Dominican Consulate which was instigated by a special Congressional Hearing, getting the long sought after visa to get Nadia to the States. This trans-national woman who speaks four languages fluently, who never left Haiti before the quake, whose high risk pregnancy would make most women bedridden with pain, whose 3 year old son and husband are living in a tent in Haiti with only $200 left, is the picture of calm and contentment of her stressful situation. She is a gift of grace in our lives and keeps us real.

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  1. Tell Nadia 'hi' and best wishes from the Omaha/Creighton/ILAC team! She is an inspiration to us all. We are all home now but pulling for Nadia! Keep the posts coming...
    Dan Dollison PA


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