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Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Lack of Supplies to Overabundance - and Nadia's Visa

From Dr. Thomas Ritter: UNEDITED VIA SMS/TXT: Sorry - have not posted in awhile, but it is almost all over for us. We will come back Sunday if we get Nadia's visa, which there is still hope that there will be some bureaucratic miracle.

Things have completely changed - from where there was a lack of things and now to a overabundance of volunteers and supplies. Now much time will be needed to try to direct the flow of abundance to where there is lack. Sounds philosophical, doesn't it?

Just heard this blog got to be a big deal. We love you all, too. Thanks for all your comments and words of support. If it hasn't already been said, we will try to stay quiet and catch up on processing all that we saw and did - thanks for understanding.

Please send this to Mary Zendak to all visa working group members. We have Nadia on a bus headed to a special interview with the US Embassy. Her appointment is as soon as we get there. She should get a visa if all your efforts pan out - and it's highly probable at this point. If we encounter trouble, we have a team of Harvard immigration lawyers standing by, and politicians who are on standby should have contact info texted to Carol's phone now.

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