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Monday, January 18, 2010

Current Photo of Tom and Carol from Haiti

We took a quick break because several people wanted to see a current picture.  This was taken at 11AM Monday morning. 


  1. Hi Tom and Carol--
    You look great! Leo and I talked last night and we agreed you inspire and challenge us to live lives of greater passion and compassion. A'dieu for now.

  2. Hi Carol and Tom;
    Appreciate and enjoy your updates. It must indeed be bittersweet to see the miracle of new life (Baby Carol!) as you work amidst the chaos of suffering and death. I am guessing, and hoping, that along with the devastation, you see the resiliency and sweetness of the Haitian people everywhere you turn. My heart is there - with you, with them. Wes and I keep you in our thoughts. Stay safe and be well. Love each other. Come back healthy. xo Joanne

  3. Carol, we shared your photos in the paper and on the blog with Henry and he is very proud to know that the Doctor who delivered him 11 years ago is doing such meaningful work.

    Michelle and Mark Denoncourt


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