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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Message from Carol: 11:21 PM, Friday night

We're on the ground in Santa domingo 12 docs and nurses. Reports from the clinic are grim . People dieing waiting in line. No food or medicine or doctors. Our Haitian Dr Marc overwhelmed and wondering where we are. Some one on the airport wanting to set up a food bank but can't get approvals to cross the border. Our clinic is on the Dominican Republic side. People networking on the airport like crazy. Naive goodwillers expecting to walk across the border onto downtown PAP. Tomorrow will come fast. Continuing to show Nadia's picture to all.

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  1. Raised $2,305 today for MedShare in your honor Tom and Carol. We had 49 people show up to do Yoga and lend support. Hope you could feel the love and energy being sent your way. Continuing to collect $$ and will make more donations later in the week.
    We miss and love you.


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