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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Several Sunday Morning Updates

Update From Dr. Tom Ritter VIA SMS/TXT 7:32AM Good Morning: Slept in comfort. Team fed. Heading to hospital to see what the night has done to our systems. Carol and I feel today is the day to try to move Nadia across the border to the Dominican Republic. Film crew to follow us all day. I knew I should have put mousse in my hair this morning.

9:25AM Did morning assessments. Food is no longer a problem for relief workers in this area. Housing is camping only - maybe sleeping on the floor inside. Doing medical supply run - there are no IV antibiotics. About 100 crush injuries now, with old infections everywhere. Many amputations needed and done. Our crew is mostly coordinating docs and problem solving. Infection control - there are no autoclaves, no bleach, no Cidex, nothing. Hope to get boiling water disinfection up soon, but clean instruments - they are not. I hate this phone but love all the support.

10:39 AM: Just ran into our friend, the senator. We are staying at his house which is very comfy. Called meeting of all powers that be - U.S. Army, Dominican Republic army, and all the chiefs wish us luck. They assume we know something they don't.

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